Camping Kit Starter Pack

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The Camping Kit Starter Pack includes items that any new camper would need to securely set up camp.  Including screw in pegs, straps and safety springs to secure a tent or gazebo.  The kit includes everything needed to make a first time camping experience, an enjoyable one.  Learn more.

  • Safely Secured Awnings
  • Faster and Easier Set-up & Pack-down
  • Quality Materials

The Camping Kit Starter Pack is the ideal kit to ensure you have a safe, secure, and easy setup and pack down experience while camping, caravanning, or holidaying in your motorhome or RV.


The kit includes the following items:


Ground Dog Screw in Peg with Hook Collar4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Hook Collars

The Hook Collar is used with a Ground Dog screw in peg, when using the high viz straps and safety spring as well as holding down the anchor plates. The hook collar is an adjustable locking nut that can be varied to suit the depth of the ground. This means if you can only get half the peg into the ground, simply winding down the locking nut will make it just as effective, and means you don’t have to have the peg all the way in.



Hi Vis tie down straps4 x High Viz Tie Down Straps

Bright yellow or orange high visibility polyester straps, designed to be easily attached to the awning and hook collar. They have loops on each end and an adjustable metal cam buckle. The retaining clips are used to hold down the loose end of the tie down strap.



Safety Spring4 x Safety Springs

Made from a strong and durable rubber compound, the Safety Spring has been developed as a strong and safer alternative to the metal camping spring.



19mm socket and drill adaptor for ground dog screw in pegs1 x 19mm Drill Adaptor

The Ground Dog screw in pegs have a 19mm hex head, which makes screwing in the pegs easy and fast! The 19mm head fits both the Ground Dog screw in pegs, and the stabilizer legs on caravans – this means you only need to carry one size drill socket!



Ground puppy screw in peg for ground mats and taprs4 x Ground Puppy screw in pegs

Ground Puppy screw in pegs are designed to hold groundsheets and mats securely while in the motorhome, caravan or camping.

Each peg comes with a uniquely designed paw shaped orange cap, that helps to prevent stubbing toes.

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  1. John (verified owner)

    Certainly a great kit to have. Thank you.

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