High Viz Tie Down Straps – 2 Pack

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Our High Vis Tie Down Straps help to secure awnings, tents and tarps. Whether you need them for your gazebo, awning or outdoor shade area, our tie downs straps will keep your gear safe and secure. They are bright yellow, for high visibility to reduce tripping.  Learn more.


  • Safely Secured Awnings
  • Faster and Easier Set-up & Pack-down
  • Quality Materials


The High Vis Tie Down Straps come in a pack of two, and include two retaining clips. The retaining clips are used to hold down the loose end of the tie down strap.

The High Visibility awning tie down straps are extremely versatile, and consist of two parts:

The short strap

The shorter strap has a loop on one end, and a metal cam buckle at the other end. The loop allows the tie down strap to be securely fitted over the the awning track.

The long strap

The longer section has a loop on one end. The loop is fastened through the safety spring, and the other end of the strap fits into the metal cam buckle to control the strap tension. The Tie Down Straps can be used on all awnings, tent poles.

Features of our Hi Vis Awning Straps:

25mm wide webbing

Yellow – high visibility

Polyester webbing – used in the manufacture of outdoor and safety equipment

Simple to attach

No more tangled ropes

Retaining clip to hold down loose end of tie down strap

Metal Cam Buckle – long lifespan

Weight .201 kg

Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 cm

They can be used in conjunction with our other products and come in our Awning Anchor Kits:

Ground Dog Screw in Peg

Big Dog Screw in Peg

Safety Spring


1 review for High Viz Tie Down Straps – 2 Pack

  1. Peter Baker (verified owner)

    These straps are much easier to use that the ones I have been using. Very happy.

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