Hook Collar


The Hook Collar is specially designed to easily attach the Ground Dog screw in peg to the Safety Spring. It can also be used as a locking nut when the ground is too hard. The Ground Dog screw in peg comes with the Hook Collar included but the Hook Collar can also be brought here individually.  Learn more.

  • Safely Secured Awnings
  • Faster and Easier Set-up & Pack-down
  • Quality Materials

The Hook Collar:

Easy to use

Just screw the peg in as far as possible and wind the hook collar to ground level to secure. Once secure, simply attach the Safety Spring to the hook and the High Viz Tie Down Straps to anchor your RV and camping equipment.

Incorporated into the bottom of the Hook Collar is a 19mm socket shape, which can be used as a hand tool. The Hook Collars are bright in colour to draw attention to avoid stubbing of toes.


hook collar shapeHook Shape

The Hook Collar has been designed with a hook that holds the Safety Spring firmly.


fiberglass reinforced nylon hook collars for ground dog screw in pegFibreglass Reinforced Nylon

The Hook Collar is made of Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon and is bright orange for visibility.


Adjustable Locking Nut

The Hook Collar is an adjustable locking nut so the peg can be used in different ground types. If you can only get half the peg into the ground, simply winding down the locking nut will make it just as effective so you don’t have to have the peg all the way in.

built in 19mm socket in hook collarHook Collar 19mm built in socket

Hook Collars have a built in 19mm socket which fits the Ground Dog screw in peg hex head. This can be used as a hand tool when you have no drill or hand crank. This is particularly useful for campers using Ground Dog screw in pegs.

Weight .042 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 cm


How to use Ground Dog screw in pegs with a Hook Collar

1. Wind hook collar onto the Ground Dog screw in peg.

2. Drill the Ground Dog screw in peg into the ground using a 19mm socket, and a left thread setting.

3. Hook the safety spring around the hook collar.

4. Finally, tighten the high viz tie down straps. If the ground is hard, drill the Ground Dog screw in peg as far as possible, and then wind the wing collar down to the ground level to hold the peg securely.


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hook collar for ground dog pegsHook Collar