19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor For Anchoring


Set up your caravan and motorhome awnings or camping equipment quickly and easily with this 19mm Socket and Drill Adaptor.

It can be used for all Outback Tracks screw in pegs and also be used to lower and raise caravan stabiliser legs. One socket with multiple uses.  Learn more.

  • Safely Secured Awnings
  • Faster and Easier Set-up & Pack-down
  • Quality Materials

For the fastest and easiest set up of your campsite use your drill.

19mm Socket fits all Ground Dog screw in pegs

All of our screw in pegs have a 19mm hex head. This is the same size socket that is used on caravan stabiliser legs, which means you only need to carry one socket size.

One Socket – 2 Uses

Every caravanners’ dream. As the 19mm Socket and Drill Adaptor fit both the screw in peg and the caravan stabiliser leg, you only have to buy and carry one socket for set up.

The Drill Adaptor can be used on:

Ground Dog screw in peg

Big Dog screw in peg

Caravan stabiliser legs

Weight .102 kg

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm



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19mm socket and drill adaptor for ground dog screw in pegs19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor For Anchoring