Design of the Ground Dog Screw in Peg

The Ground Dog Screw in Peg is into its second generation and a lot of thought has gone into the design of these pegs. Here are some key features making them a peg like no other:

  • Made from marine grade stainless steel for strength
  • Tapered shaft allowing the peg to “lock in”as the screw goes in and making removal even easier
  • Self-drilling tip making it easier to get into the ground
  • Length of 250mm for extra bite into the ground
  • Large LEFT-HAND thread for better holding power
  • Thread stops 20mm below the head to allow the Hook Collar to freely rotate so you can easily position the hook where you want
  • The Hook collar can rotate down the peg so you can position it close to the ground for when the ground is really hard
  • 19mm hex head so you use a drill and the same drill socket and a can be used for the stabiliser legs of a caravan. A manual winder can also be used.
  • Orange Hook Collar for visibility to reduce tripping over the peg. The hook so you can attach our rubber Safety Springs.
  • Each Ground Dog comes with a Hook Collar

Easy to Use / Holding Power / Bite into the Ground / Versatile / Quality 

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