Magic Spot at Mount Maunganui Beach

Best spot at the mount


One of our favourite local spots to take the Motorhome to, is The Mount Beach. We enjoy a spot just down from Tay Street at Mount Maunganui where one can park longways overlooking the beach. It is great to be able to sit high on the dunes, just outside your Motorhome and watch the surfers and paddle boarders. We like to get there nice and early and set up for brunch before the rest of the family arrives.


Mount Maunganui

Having the awning out means we can all spend the day at the beach, having shelter from the sun, especially for the grandchild, who also enjoys naps on the bed.

Coffee, snacks & toilet all readily available makes for a great day.

On one beautiful day however, we did learn an important lesson…. Always secure your awning legs! Suddenly out of nowhere a huge gust of wind came along, giving us all a real fright. Thankfully we had secured the awning legs to the ground with the Ground Dog Screw in Pegs. Unfortunately for the Motorhome next to us, the gust sent their awning onto their roof, smashing the skylights, bending their arms & taking the brackets off the side of the camper.





Best spot at the mount


LESSON LEARNT: Always be ready for the unexpected!

With the Ground Dog Screw in Pegs, securing your awning is easier, faster and quite fun. It means you can enjoy your outdoor experience knowing you set up is secure





Mount Maunganui Beach

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