Screw In Sand Peg

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The Ground Grabba screw in sand pegs  are ideal for car awnings on the beach, and camping in sandy terrain.

The wide flutes are able to hold securely in sandy conditions.  Learn more


  • Safely Secured Awnings
  • Faster and Easier Set-up & Pack-down
  • Quality Materials

Ground Grabba Screw in Pegs –

The Perfect Anchoring Solution  for the Beach


Our Ground Grabba screw in sand peg is ideal for car awnings and camping on NZ’s beautiful sandy beaches.

These tough 400mm fibre glass reinforced plastic screw in pegs won’t rust, and the 45mm flute helps to secure the peg in the sand.

These brightly coloured screw in pegs are highly visible to avoid tripping or inquiry.

Easy to screw in and remove from the sand.

Don’t go to the beach without them!

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 40 × 9 × 5 cm


Step by step instructions on how to use the
Ground Grabba Screw In Sand Pegs

sand pegs - how to use them


Step 1: Attach 19mm socket to drill, and set for a right thread



Step 2: Drill into sand until threads are no longer visible




how to use sand peg step 3 - attach strap

Step 3: Secure strap on hook




In place of drill, a hand crank can be used for screw in sand pegs

Step 4: In place of drill, a hand crank can be used





2 reviews for Screw In Sand Peg

  1. Shane Batchelor (verified owner)

    Ideal for anchoring in sand.

  2. Doug Beard (verified owner)

    great product quick delivery

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